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Portland's newest Gaming Store and Cafe, find amazing games, game themed merchandise, specialty coffee, tea and other refreshments!

Combining gourmet coffee & tea with hobby gaming. Battle Grounds Gaming Cafe brings the best of both worlds together. Excellent customer service and a welcoming and inclusive environment are paramount to our mission of bringing Portland's diverse community to a seat at the gaming table!

This Summer @ Battle Grounds Gaming Cafe

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Our D&D summer camp is LIVE !

We've found inspiration in fellow FLGSs and added to that foundation with custom 3D printed minis & painting lessons, pro DM tips & tricks, a "Loot Token" VIP discount medallion for optional in-store purchases, and secret treasures for them to take home!

All experience levels, and ages 10-14. Our first week begins June 17th @ 10am - 4:30pm (M-F). Seats at the tables are going quick, so book now! For Full Info.... Click;

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